The Generali Open de France at Lamotte Beuvron : packing the essentials

The French equestrian championships are a milestone for any self-respecting competition-level rider. With the pony events on 8 to 15 July 2023 followed by club events on 22 to 29 July, this year’s championships are set for some sizzling competition.

As the events run over several days, taking part is a little like temporarily moving house. So, to not get caught out, we’ve prepared a checklist for you for all essentials you’ll need.

Rather than your usual gear (saddle, bridle, riding helmet, etc.) and your horse’s necessities (grain), we’ll focus on those smaller items that you might overlook but which could be really useful for this year’s French Championships.


Don’t forget that the grounds at Lamotte Beuvron are huge, so you may have a long journey to reach your horse depending on where your stable stall is. A trolley or trunk with wheels could come in very handy.

Remember to bring a stable curtain to shield your horse from direct sunlight. This is ideal to create some shade for it. To offer your horse more air and freedom, add a stall guard. Our model, whose carabiners are mounted on elastic reinforcements, ensures optimal safety. A head protector protects your horse’s head when his head is out of the box. If your horse is in a temporary stable, remember to bring some buckets. You can place them on the floor or hook them to the stable door. It’s up to you.

If possible, bring 2 halters and leads rops. This way, there’s no crisis if one set breaks or gets lost. The Stressless halter is ideal for horses with anxiety at tethering. The elastic inserts on the headpiece and the cheeks reduce the risk of accidents.

Essentials when your horse is resting

You’ll have to alter your tack according to the weather at Lamotte Beuvron as it can often swing from one extreme to the other!

Bring a set containing a sheet, bonnet and insect repellent spray for good weather. Add some sun screen and towel so that you are ready to go when it gets really hot. You’ll find all our tips to make your horse comfortable in our blog post.

Also, bring a drying sheet. This is really useful if it rains but also to dry off your horse after a big workout.

Depending on your horse’s hooves, remember to bring hoof grease for dry weather and tar for when it rains.

Essentials for your horse’s well-being

The air at Lamotte Beuvron can get very dusty in dry weather, so cough syrup for horses prone to mucus build-up is a big help.

Electrolyte solutions to aid recovery are also useful whatever the weather, while clay pastes can also soothe your horse’s legs after a significant effort. You can also combine this treatment with cotton resting bandages.

So make sure add these items to your first-aid kit to take with you.

Finally, when your horse leaves its stall, it must always have a bib number showing. A safety pin (or two in case you lose one) will come in very handy to attach it to your saddle pad and halter.

In the arena

Take a moment to check the condition of your tack before you leave for the championships, especially your leather items. Now’s the time to give them some TLC to avoid any breakages on the day. You’ll find all the steps to properly maintain your leather gear in our blog post.

Pack a ear net to limit any discomfort from flies and other flying insects. It will give your horse peace and quiet.

Lamotte indispensables Antarès Sellier

For rider

Make sure you have the right clothes for the weather. A cap and mister spray are ideal for when it gets really hot. As for sun protection, you can always use the same sun screen as your horse. If it rains during the competition, a waterproof jacket and Wellington boots will be your best option.

If, however, you do forget something or need to replace an item urgently, the entire Antarès team will be there to help you throughout the Championships.