For more than 20 years now

Antarès places
its skills at the service of
horses and riders

  • Antarès’ birth
  • Artisanal dynamic
  • Olympic champion in eventing
  • Jumping Word champion
  • The helmet
  • The great french know-how
  • World champion in Lexington
  • Bridle work
  • Olympic champions
  • 20 years of history, the big move out
  • Borned from the meeting of 5 saddlery passionates and professionals, Antarès starts its journey.
  • In 2003, Antarès gets the Artisanal dynamic price.
  • Cedric Lyard, an Antarès’s rider, is sacred Olympic Champion with the eventing french team during Athenes Games, with Fine Merveille.
  • Jos Lansink and Cumano are sacred Word Champion in Jumping with an Antarès saddle.
  • Antarès creates its iconic helmet, to follow its will to equipe horse and rider with the sharpest tools.
  • In 2008, Antarès is recognized as an « Alive Legacy Company ». A certification of the great french know-how.
  • Philippe Le Jeune and Vigo d’Arsouille are sacred jumping world champions in Lexington, with and Antarès saddle and helmet!
  • Antarès creates the new bridle work range, with really technical pieces from Precision and Origin collections.
  • Karim Florent Laghouag and Entebbe de Hus, Thibaut Vallette and Qing du Briot ENE HN are team gold medals in eventing. Philipp Dutton and Mighty Nice are eventing individual bronze medal. Elodie Clouvel is silver medal in modern pentathlon.
  • Antarès moves out its workshop and office in a new home, a few kilometers away from its historical building
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They chose Antarès

International riders trust us to accompany them with their horses to the highest level.

  • Virginie Atger

    Virginie Atger


  • Angelo Zuliani – L’autonomie

    Angelo Zuliani


  • Lauren Hough – Cornet 39

    Lauren Hough


  • Sarah Ennis


  • Zazie Gardeau


  • Marie Pellegrin


  • Gudrun Patteet – Sea Coast Pebbles Z

    Gudrun Patteet


  • Esteban Benitez

    Esteban Benitez


  • Capucine Noël

    Capucine Noël


  • Cédric Angot