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Our girths provide comfort and performance for both horse and rider. Their ergonomic design gives the horse peace of mind by giving greater freedom of movement than a conventional girth. The sheepskin linings also reduce the risk of irritation for sensitive-skinned horses.

We have written an article entitled, "Choosing the right girth" to help you select the right one for you (shape, type, material).

A sheepskin lining is ideal if your horse is has sensitive skin. You'll also find our tips on how to care for your sheepskin items in this article.

Stirrups leathers 

Stirrup leathers are a vital piece of saddle tack for riders as they position the rider's leg in the right place. Our range caters for different riding disciplines, including monostrap stirrup leathers for show jumping and eventing, a low-buckle model for dressage and a pair of calfskin-lined stirrup leathers for more traditional forms of riding.

To help you make the right choice, we recommend you read our blog post on "how to choose your stirrup leathers".

Stirrups made from tough, lightweight techno-polymer plastic provide the final touch to your stirrup leathers. 

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