How to look after your sheepskin horse tack ?

Comment entretenir son matériel d'équitation en mouton ?

Sheepskin comes in many shapes and forms when it comes to riding, from girths, blankets, halters to boots, etc. As well as looking good and feeling comfortable, the main advantage of sheepskin is protect horses from possible rubbing risks that could result in wounds. That said, sheepskin tack can only protect your horse if properly maintained. It can get dirty from sweat, grit or mud which can actually end up damaging your horse’s skin. To stop this happening, we’re going to tell you how to look after your sheepskin riding gear.

The benefits of sheepskin horse tack

Sheepskin’s greatest asset is its shock absorbing qualities. It deforms to easily deal with impacts for more even pressure distribution.

Soft to the touch, it prevents repetitive rubbing and any resulting skin irritation for horses with highly sensitive skins.

Some wools are also hypoallergenic but do check that this also applies to synthetic sheep. As a result, the horse will have no allergic reaction when in contact with your sheepskin tack and the same goes for the rider too.

Why choose synthetic sheep horse tack?

At Antarès, we only offer, high quality, hypoallergenic, synthetic sheep products to suit all horses. As well as those benefits mentioned above, the suede base allows air to circulate for a breathable lining so your horse’s skin won’t become irritated or damaged by overheating when using the equipment.

Removable synthetic sheep linings for leather products

Just like our latest sheep-lined belly guard, all our sheepskin linings are velcro-backed for easy fastening and maintenance.

Tips to look after your synthetic sheep horse tack in top form

In contrast to real sheep, the synthetic alternative is easy to look after as it can be machine-washed. That said, don’t wash it at over 30°C.

Dry your synthetic sheepskin in the open air and never use a tumble-dryer.

Brush it softly before putting it in the washing machine to remove any excess hairs and grit. Repeat after washing, with a soft brush, to restore its original appearance.

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Other synthetic sheep-lined belly guards:

Long classic girth


Long classic girth

This long, anatomically-shaped girth is ideal for sensitive horses, providing more room for movement and a lining to protect from rubbing. The leather part of this girth must be paired with a synthetic sheepskin girth lining (sold separately).

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Short classic girth


Short classic girth

It’s sheepskin lining (product sold separately) makes it ideal for sensitive-skinned horses. But do remember that the girth has been designed to be used with the sheepskin lining. Its anatomic shape also gives the horse better locomotion.

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