Our 100 % custom helmets

Our customable riding helmets

Antarès offers a wide helmets range, divided in 6 different collections

However, we also offer the most demanding custom riding helmets. If you don’t find the perfect helmet among our collections, you can create your own helmet model.

Each piece of our riding helmets is customable:

whether it is its material, color or finishes.
You can also print your own logo on the shell or the strip of the helmet, to represent your stabbles or sponsor. Possibilities are endless with the Antarès helmet.
As for the range, our custom riding helmets are handmade in France. A few meters away from our custom saddles workshop. That’s why our helmets’ leather is french, the same leather that’s used for our saddles. The leather pieces from our helmets are cut in our saddles leather scraps.

A few customs riding helmets examples :

Each rider can choose among a wide range of colors and materials: The shell (glossy or nubuck), the leather pieces, the strip, rear triangle, but also vents and topstitches. A personal graphism can be print on the shell or the strip of the Antarès helmet. Shine on shows ground with Shagreen or strass options : strass stones inlay on leather yoke, strass stardust on the strip and triangle, Shagreen leather on the strip and triangle, available in black, blue, bison or pink.

  • custom antarès horse riding helmets black red strass

  • custom antarès horse riding helmets black strass

You want to create your own helmet model ?