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Short anatomical girths

The short girth, an indispensable accessory for dressage saddlesmixed saddles or mono flap saddles, takes center stage in our commitment to comfort and performance. We have dedicated ourselves to developing short girth models that provide excellent mobility for your horse.

Depending on the equestrian discipline you engage in, we offer a variety of short girth models to suit your specific needs. These include the belly guard girthclassic girth, and our anatomic girth, all of which prioritize your horse's comfort.

Our short anatomical girths feature a unique cut that allows for unrestricted movement of the elbows, ensuring enhanced comfort for your horse.

Additionally, for horses that are particularly sensitive, we have created a short girth made with synthetic sheepskin. To learn more about the benefits of synthetic sheepskin, we invite you to read our blog article.

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