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Monostrap stirrup leathers
Monostrap stirrup leathers
Monostrap stirrup leathers
Monostrap stirrup leathers
Monostrap stirrup leathers

Monostrap stirrup leathers


The new monostrap stirrup leathers design perfectly fit with rider shape’s leg. The buckle in low and inside position to avoid any direct contact with the calf.

Stirrup Leathers Size

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Leather care

Wider than the previous model, they allow a better position and fixation of the rider's leg. The balance is maintained. Contact with the horse is improved.

The buckle low position eliminates any excess thickness under the crotch, and discomfort may be caused to the level of the skirt.

Embedded stitching with specially designed braided yarn to fight abrasion.

Redesigned slice to limit saddle flap wear.

Large stirrup bar loop for easy placement. Easy attachment and detachment of stirrups.

Colors & finishings

Malt with cream stiching
Black with black stitching


French bovine leather
Grained leather

Monoflap stirrup leathers manufacture

A strong yarn

Particular attention has been paid to the stirrup leathers yarn choice. The "strong bomb" is a braided yarn, specially made to fight against abrasion. It is used in the aeronautics field, and more precisely in the military parachutes manufacture.

French leather

At Antarès, we carefully select our leather. Coming from France, and more precisely from Rodez, it has undergone vegetable tanning, chestnut-based.

We make it a point of honor that no animal is solely intended for our products manufacture. The leather used is entirely from the food industry, and recycled into an exceptional products.

<h2>Monoflap stirrup leathers manufacture</h2>

How to maintain your monoflap stirrup leathers ?

Saddle soap

To maintain the leather strength and suppleness, clean them after each use.
Using a damp sponge to apply the product.

Leather balm

Once or twice a month, moisturize your clean leather with the balm. To do this, use a clean cloth or sponge.

Leather oil

Once or twice a year, you can soften your leather with leather oil. With a brush, apply the product.

<h2>How to maintain your monoflap stirrup leathers ?</h2>

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