How to maintain your leather ?

Leather is a unique material. each hide has different properties in terms of robustnesselasticityaesthetic appeal and suppleness. To retain its natural qualities, the leather must be regularly maintained using the right products. Antarès offers you its tips and advice for leather to give it the care it deserves.

Antarès leathers

Antarès selects the best leather hides for its products. Thicknessdensity and appearance of the leather are all meticulously checked. The leathers used are natural and we never sand or correct the grain. The small irregularities are visual evidence of this approach. They constitute the marks from the animal’s past life that the leather proudly displays. As such, the leather hides retain their robustness. The only thing we do to the leather is to stretch and dry it in the tannery, to reduce the risks of it lengthening with use.

Antarès leather care

You must look after leather for it to stay sturdy and supple. Antarès has a range of French-made leather care products for you to clean and nourish all types of leather.

Our tips and advice on leather:

1. Saddle soap

To clean your leather after each use, apply a light coating of saddle soap with a damp sponge to all your leatherwork.

Our saddle soap is made in France and formulated to suit all types of leather.

It’s essential for leather care and must be used liberally, always before hydrating the leather with a conditioner.




Antarès leather soap

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2. Leather conditioner

Apply the conditioner once or twice a month with a soft cloth or sponge. Apply the conditioner once you have cleaned your leatherwork with saddle soap.

Antarès leather conditioner is made in France.

It works on all types of leather, for saddle leatherwork or for everyday activities.




Leather conditioner.

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3. Leather oil

Apply the oil with a brush to soften dry leather. Apply the oil just once or twice a year and use sparingly to stop the leather from becoming slack.

Our oil is made in France and works on all types of leather.

This highly nourishing oil regenerates and revitalises leather.

Available in small (250 ml) or large (500 ml) sizes.

Oil (500 ml)


Oil (500 ml)

Leather oil made for our leather. Deeply nourishing

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