The Precision riding helmet meets new riding safety standards.

casque précision antarès

Riding helmet standards are changing to keep you safe in and out of the saddle. At Antarès Sellier, we strive to continually innovate and adapt so that our riding helmets are fully compliant with the regulations.
After several months of research and development, we are delighted to unveil our new Precision riding helmet. Combining high-tech materials with a unique safety system, our new helmet has successfully passed every test required for the current EN 1384: 2023 European standard. The Precision riding helmet exceeds the most demanding riders’ expectations.

As a result, you are perfectly protected to focus on what matters, the sport of riding.

The 2023 safety standard: Implications for riding helmets

The European EN 1384: 2023 standard has been introduced for riding helmets. It addresses the changes in our sport whether the rider is in or out of the saddle. Indeed, the risk of an accident when handling a horse or when caring for it is real.
We cover safety and riding helmets with an illustrated demonstration of the effects of an impact on one of our helmets in our article entitled, “the riding helmet: central to safety”.
To ensure you stay safe, this new standard makes it possible to assess how well a riding helmet performs when hit with a horseshoe or other similar sharp object. The tighter regulation is designed to simulate various accident scenarios to check the ability of helmets to limit the number of potential injuries.

The Precision riding helmet’s innovative features that meet the 2023 safety standard

Antarès Précision helmet decomposition

Our Precision riding helmet has been developed to provide greater technical performance, safety and comfort for riders. The shell is made from ABS which is thicker and specially developed for riding helmets to better disperse the energy when struck.

Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene is also highly scratch and impact resistant.

PLEASE NOTE: No visible scratches on the outer shell doesn’t mean the helmet has not suffered an impact. That’s why we recommend you change it, even if the shell looks intact.

Inside the Precision helmet

The helmet liner, the part you see inside your helmet under the shell, is radically different from our previous version. Made from thicker polyester, it has a ground-breaking new design. Ribs in the polyester give better shock absorption when the helmet is compressed.

While the helmet liner is partly covered in a blue waffle-shaped Energy Reduction Technology foam pad. This helps better dissipate the energy from an impact but also has anti-rotational properties as it is quite rare for riders to fall at right angles to the ground like a heavy anvil.

Most falls happen when you are moving and when that happens the impact is often at an angle with a subsequent rotational movement. Your head and, as such, your brain inside your skull can move relative to the impact and resulting energy.

Rotational movements can also cause brain injuries when brain tissue is stretched with the movement. The most serious cases can result in concussion or brain damage.

ERT and its foam padding in the helmet liner slip over the shell of your riding helmet to support the movement of your head to reduce rotational shifts and therefore head injuries.

Precision helmet outer

The shape of the Precision helmet has been designed to meet the new safety standard criteria. The helmet is stronger as it has thicker edges on the lower rim of the shell.
And, the shape of helmet liner is the same as that of the previous helmet. As these are made from polycarbonate, the helmet has high-impact resistance when it suffers a compression.
Similarly, the Precision riding helmet has been designed to better cover the temples and behind the ears. By increasing the area it covers the helmet also has a larger protective area to better shield the temporal and parietal bones.

The ventilation system has also been redesigned. 11 holes (3 at the front and 8 at the back), together with 2 air ducts under the visor provide good airflow. The headliner inside the Precision riding helmet is made from foam, lycra and 2D mesh which is more breathable and comfortable too.

The elastic strap at the back of the riding helmet helps take pressure off the rider’s head for greater comfort. It also means the rider can wear their hair in a ponytail or a bun.

Finally, the fastening system has been completely redesigned to be more user-friendly while providing maximum safety. The “Fidlock” magnetic buckle means the rider can fasten their helmet with one hand. The nylon lock ring gives an extra level of protection.

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