J.M. Weston and Antarès Sellier: An exclusive, pioneering partnership

Antarès Sellier et la maison J.M. Weston, unissent leurs compétences pour offrir une gamme de produits alliant leurs expertises mutuelles.

Antarès Sellier and master shoemaker, J.M. Weston, are their channeling their skills to offer a range of products that combines their mutual expertise.

Shared values on French know-how

We, at Antarès Sellier, have been offering fine craftsmanship in horse riding for more than 20 years. Our deep understanding of both riders’ and horses’ needs is uppermost in our minds to offer outstanding saddles.

J.M. Weston fosters close, long-standing ties with the riding world. Two of its iconic models, the Jodhpur and Chelsea boots epitomise this sense of style in motion. Both are entirely handmade in their Limoges workshop by master shoemakers. This French “art de vivre” is exemplified by a partnership with an institution of the French Republic, as J.M. Weston has been making boots for riders of the Republican Guard since 1975.

The items in this J.M. Weston and Antarès Sellier collection are the result of these synergies.

Equestrian jumping custom saddle J.M. Weston and Antarès Sellier

A saddle, a pair of ankle boots, a belt and a riding helmet reflect this perfect match between our two companies. Every detail has been carefully considered to provide unstinting levels of comfort, performance and longevity.

Bastin & Fils tannery

Named after its founder, the Bastin & Fils tannery was established in Saint Léonard de Noblat in the early 19th century. Owned by J. M. Weston, the tannery is renowned for its extra-slow vegetable tanning expertise. The tanning process is undertaken from start to finish on the same site. The hides require two months in a series of basins and an additional eight to ten months in outdoor pits.

Bastin tannery’s famous vegetable-tanned leather has actually been adapted for the products in this joint venture. The tannin powders have been modified and tanning times reduced to make the leather softer.

J.M. Weston and Antarès Sellier products

Steeped in tradition and know-how, we have introduced 4 products that combine timelessness and contemporary influences.

The riding saddle

Discover our Connexion saddle as you’ve never seen it before. The saddle flaps are made from vegetable tanned leather from Bastin & Fils which is owned by J. M. Weston, while the saddle is exclusively French-handcrafted at our workshops in Saintes.

Equestrian jumping custom saddle J.M. Weston and Antarès Sellier

The riding helmet

Our famous riding helmet comes entirely in black (shell, vents, triangle, visor and topstitching) with the joint “J.M. Weston AVEC ANTARÈS” logo on the headband. It combines cutting-edge technology with a sleek design to provide maximum protection while staying stylish. In addition to riding, this helmet is also certified for cycling.

Riding helmet J.M. WESTON et Antarès Sellier

The ankle boots

You can also buy a pair of J.M. Weston’s iconic Chelsea boots. These rubbers-soled boots are waterproof, making them perfect for the stable or out about town. Combining fine leather and timeless style, they are designed for comfort, longevity and elegance. They are available in men’s and women’s styles.

The belt

This reversible leather belt (black calf leather and beige vegetable tanned leather) features a J. M. Weston “Signature” buckle. It also has the Antarès logo both inside and on the loops. Made at J.M. Weston’s workshop in Limoges, this belt meets the same high manufacturing standards as other items in its collections. It adds a stylish touch to a rider’s look whether on foot or in the saddle.

This partnership between Antarès Sellier and J.M. Weston sets new standards in riding equipment, combining outstanding French craftsmanship and timeless elegance. Each item in this collection is the result of a successful blend of expertise and passion to offer riders and unique and unforgettable experience.