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J.M. Weston and Antarès Sellier jumping saddle
J.M. Weston and Antarès Sellier jumping saddle
J.M. Weston and Antarès Sellier jumping saddle

J.M. Weston and Antarès Sellier jumping saddle

This bespoke show jumping saddle made jointly with J.M. Weston meets the same specifications as our Connexion saddle. Its semi-deep seat gives the rider proper contact with their horse. Its narrow straddle helps balanced jumping and keeps you in close contact with your horse.

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J.M. Weston leather saddle features

The J.M. Weston riding saddle has a tree that expertly absorbs impacts on the horse's spine. It also frees up the spine for greater mobility

Strength tests of the gullet were conducted by the French laboratory, Tensyl, based in Charente Maritime. Our saddle trees come with a 5-year guarantee.

The French hides jointly selected with Bastin Tannery and the saddle panel design provide maximum comfort for both horse and rider. The saddle has been restyled for this collection in Sahara buffalo leather with vegetable-tanned calf leather detailing on the flaps. The saddle is made in Saintes, France.

The Bastin & Fils tannery 

Named after its founder, Bastin & Fils tannery was established in Saint Léonard de Noblat in the early 19th century. Owned by J. M. Weston, the tannery is renowned for its extra-slow vegetable tanning expertise. Bastin tannery's famous vegetable-tanned leather has actually been adapted for the products in this joint venture. The tannin powders have been modified and tanning times reduced to make the leather softer.

The J.M. Weston and Antarès Sellier partnership

We have channelled our skills with J.M. Weston to offer you a range of products that combines our mutual expertise. Bringing together the traditional craftsmanship of both our iconic companies, this range of 4 products includes a saddle that epitomises French style and quality. A riding helmet, belt, and a pair of ankle boots complete this joint venture. 

You'll find all the details on this partnership venture in our article.

Technical description for the J.M. Weston saddle

Tailormade, semi-deep seat saddle
Saddle seat size: 16 to 18.5 inches
Multiple options for flaps based on type of riding and rider morphology
Tailormade panels for your horse
Please note that when oiling this saddle the leather will darken.
Our J.M. Weston jumping saddle suits riders looking for style and balance when in the saddle.

Caring for the J.M. Weston jumping saddle

Glycerine soap 

To maintain the strength and suppleness of the leather, clean your bridle after each use. Apply our product with a damp sponge.

Leather balm

Once or twice a month, moisturise your clean leathers with our balm. Use a clean cloth or sponge. 

Leather oil 

Leather oil Once or twice a year, you can soften your leather products with our leather oil. Apply the product with a brush. Please note, however, that oiling this saddle will automatically darken the colour of the leather. 

<h2><strong>Caring for the J.M. Weston jumping saddle</strong></h2>
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