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Oil (500 ml)

Oil (500 ml)


The oil nourishes and softens the leather of your saddle and equestrian accessories. It maintains the leather's good suppleness to ensure its longevity.

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Leather oil description

 The oil deeply nourishes and rejuvenates the leather of your saddle as well as all leather parts of your equestrian accessories. It allows your saddle to maintain its good suppleness.

Although essential, leather oil should be used sparingly. Excessive use could stretch the leather. Wait at least 1 year before oiling your saddle again.

Discover more tips for leather care.

Why use Antarès products to maintain your equestrian equipment?

 We have developed our own leather care products so that you can easily maintain your saddle. Indeed, not all leather care products are necessarily suitable for your saddle. That's why it is crucial, if you need to use other products, to ensure they are suitable for your leather saddle. The soap, conditioner, or oil should be suitable for aniline.

Our leather products ensure the longevity and appearance of your saddle, bridles, training equipment, as well as your leather accessories. They also create a natural protective barrier against light and heat, which can cause premature aging. They allow the leather to retain its natural suppleness and elasticity.

 All our saddle maker's recommendations for maintaining your saddle are in our blog article.