Riding helmet: Warranty and customer support

Le casque d'équitation Antarès offre au cavalier un niveau de garantie élevé lorsqu'il monte à cheval.

The helmet is of utmost importance when riding a horse. Designed to protect the rider’s head in case of a fall or impact, it reduces the risk of serious head and brain injuries. We explain how your helmet provides protection in our article “Riding helmet: at the heart of safety“.
However, you might be wondering about the warranty offered for your helmet. Is it possible to repair a riding helmet that has undergone an impact? We answer all your questions!

The Antarès riding helmet offers the rider a high level of warranty when riding.

Where are Antarès riding helmets manufactured?

All our helmets are assembled in our workshop in Saintes, France. The outer shell, liner, and in-mold shell are produced by external companies specialized in these components. If you want to know the composition and role of each of these parts, read this blog article.

Is the helmet certified? What are the standards?

Yes, Antarès riding helmets all conform to European standars.

The Antarès riding helmet offers the rider a high level of warranty when riding.

The mandatory CE Standard: European Conformity

Riding helmets that meet the CE standard are marked with a “CE” logo. This logo guarantees that they meet the essential safety criteria of the European Union. Tests include impact, penetration, and extension resistance evaluations. CE helmets also undergo stability and retention tests for the chin strap.

How to personalize your riding helmet?

Customize your Antarès helmet

We offer many ways to personalize your riding helmet. You can change the headband, bow, or triangle. We explain how to do it in this blog article. Just purchase the customization accessories you desire.

Order a semi-custom helmet

The Antarès riding helmet offers the rider a high level of warranty when riding.

When purchasing your Galaxy or Premium helmet, choose the color of the accessories: vents, bow, and triangle. 22 different colors are available. This is the ideal alternative between a classic helmet and a personalized one.

Create your personalized helmet

Personalize each piece of your future helmet. You can choose the shell color, materials, and finishes you want. Your stable’s or sponsor’s logo can be applied to the headband or shell.

Treat yourself to an “ultra-custom” made-to-measure riding helmet

For riders seeking uniqueness, we offer to create a helmet with a shell designed by our team and hand-painted by the company BS Designs in France. Your team’s logo, meaningful elements, achievements, symbols – we can incorporate them all. A 100% tailor-made helmet, anything is possible.
If you don’t want to add personal elements but desire a unique creation, a graphic design according to your tastes and desires can be imagined.

All the customizations we offer adhere to CE and ASTM standards. They don’t compromise the quality of our helmets.
We strongly advise against personalizing your riding helmet yourself. Solvents, adhesives, or other chemical components could compromise the helmet’s safety.

What does the warranty for your riding helmet cover?

When you purchase an Antarès helmet, you receive a 2-year warranty from the date of purchase, with the purchase receipt serving as proof. This warranty covers the materials and manufacturing. This warranty allows you to have your helmet repaired if a thread were to come undone, for example.

The Antarès riding helmet offers the rider a high level of warranty when riding.

However, it does not cover damages resulting from helmet use, such as a fall. In such cases, we recommend changing the helmet. Even if it doesn’t show visible signs of impact, it’s likely that the internal components have fulfilled their cushioning role. In this case, the helmet might not be able to provide protective function in case of another impact. We suggest comparing a new helmet and one that has undergone impact to assess their performance. See the test.

Is it possible to repair a helmet that has undergone an impact?

Repairing helmets is subject to strict regulations. According to current regulations, major repairs to a riding helmet are not recommended. This could compromise its structural integrity and its ability to effectively protect the rider in case of a fall. Unauthorized or non-compliant repairs could void the product’s warranty and affect the rider’s safety.

Therefore, we do not perform repairs on helmets that have experienced an impact. However, the 2-year warranty allows you, in case of premature and unprovoked deterioration of certain minor elements (broken chin strap or damaged decorative element), to contact us for a repair. This repair will be carried out according to the current safety standards.

The Antarès riding helmet offers the rider a high level of warranty when riding.

What to do with the riding helmet when not in use?

Between uses, we recommend storing it in a helmet bag designed for this purpose, away from direct light and any sources of heat. Avoid keeping gloves inside your riding helmet: sweat could damage internal components over the long term.

How often should you change a riding helmet?

We recommend replacing your helmet every five years, even if it hasn’t undergone a major impact. If it’s involved in a fall or shows signs of wear, it’s best to replace it sooner.

How to choose the appropriate size of a helmet?

To choose the right helmet size, measure the circumference of your head about an inch above your eyebrows. To help you, we’ve created a tutorial!

How to maintain and clean a helmet?

The internal foams of Antarès riding helmets are removable. They can often be hand-washed with mild soap. If needed, you can have a second set of foams.
It’s recommended to regularly wipe the helmet’s outer shell with a soft, damp cloth. Avoid using harsh chemical products.
The leather on the helmet doesn’t require any special maintenance.