FAQ about Antarès riding helmets

faq casques d'équitation

In this blog post, we’ll explore the most frequently asked questions about our iconic product, the Antarès riding helmet.
It’s crucial to choose the right helmet, not just for your own comfort but more importantly, your safety. You also need to know how to look after your helmet and when to change it.

So, we’ve answered your most frequently asked questions below.

What does the Antarès warranty cover ?

Before we get into the details, here’s a quick recap of the parts that make up an Antarès riding helmet.


Each part has a purpose. See our article on helmets for more details.

So, you want to know what the riding helmet warranty covers? Can my helmet be repaired after an impact? Our responses:
Firstly, Antarès helmets come with a 2-year warranty which starts on the day of purchase. This covers repairs to your helmet for damage or defects not resulting from a fall or an impact.

Find out what aspects are covered by the warranty in the table below.

parts covered of helmet

What if my helmet has suffered an impact ?

We do not repair riding helmets that have experienced a fall or an impact.
We also urge our customers to change their riding helmet if it has suffered an impact.
Even if there are no visible marks from the impact on the outside of the helmet, it is highly likely that it has internal damage you can’t see. This is perfectly normal as it has done its job by absorbing the impact during which the helmet liner compresses without returning to its original shape. As a result, it won’t protect you anymore.

It is strictly forbidden by law to dismantle or remove the compressed inner shell. For these reasons, we do not assess and repair this type of damage. That’s why we strongly recommend you systematically replace your helmet.

What parts of my riding helmet are not covered by the warranty ?

Here are the parts not covered by the warranty and the reason(s) why :

parts  not covered of helmet

How often should I change my riding helmet ?

To not compromise on safety, it’s best to change your helmet if you have had it more than 5 years.
See our blog post here for more details on the riding helmet warranty and after-sales service.

How do I choose the right helmet size ?

Watch this video for tips and advice from an Antarès specialist on how to choose the right helmet size.

As you know, our helmets come in 3 sizes: S, M and L

There are several types of helmet pads, more commonly referred to as:

Here’s our guide to riding helmet pads :

Our helmet pads are removable and washable ! Just hand wash with mild soap. We recommend you have several sets of helmet pads to swap regularly.
Find all the information you need on our website to best choose your helmet size.
We’ll invite you at events for possible riding tests!

Do helmet pads help protect me ?

The foam in the pads is not designed to protect you in the event of a fall or impact. Instead, they ensure your helmet fits snugly to your head.

What is the procedure to return an Antarès riding helmet ?

So that customers can return helmets to us, we must consider several aspects, such as our return policy, the state of the helmet and reasons for return, etc.
Click here to find out about the return procedure steps for Antarès riding helmets from one of our distributors or direct from Antarès.

What are the steps if I’ve bought a helmet from an Antarès distributor ?

The after-sales service team receives your helmet even if you bought it from one of our official distributors. Just contact the distributor you purchased the helmet from and they will contact our after-sales service team.

How do I return a riding helmet after buying it from an Antarès specialist or from your website ?

If you’ve bought a riding helmet from one of our Antarès experts or from our website, follow the steps below:

  1. First contact our after-sales team by phone or email.
  2. We’ll ask you for photos of the interior and exterior to best assess your helmet.
    Write to us at: bienvenue@antares-sellier.com or fanny@antares-sellier.com.
  3. It is important to change your helmet once it has suffered a fall or impact or if you have had it more than 5 years.
  4. Please contact us to find the best solution for you.

What parts can I change on my Antarès riding helmet ?

Our helmets feature several parts. Some can be replaced, others not. This depends on riding helmet safety regulations as it is strictly forbidden to dismantle a riding helmet.
In short, only customisable parts such as headbands, triangles and helmet plates can be changed.

Other parts, such as the shell and visor must not be touched !

Your choice of visor is final !

Do think carefully about your choice of visor when buying your helmet as it can’t be changed once attached.


Please note: The Eclipse visor is not available in L helmet sizes.

What parts of my helmet can I customise ?

SYou can only swap the following customisable accessories after buying your helmet: Helmet plate, triangle and headband.

customization accessories
customization accessories

Please note: The headband in the Premium Galuchat range is slightly wider than the normal version. You can swap your headband with a coloured version (weblink) although it will leave a small gap each side of the headband once in place.

You can also buy a semi-customised riding helmet and choose the colour of the air vents, helmet plate and triangle. You can always change the helmet plate or triangle afterwards if you wish. Only the air vents are permanent and cannot be altered.

You can choose from a total of 22 different colours.

Click here to customise your Antarès riding helmet.

Can I add extra rhinestones ?


No, sorry, you cannot add extra rhinestones to your helmet but you can create your fully customised riding helmet. You’ve got all the colours, materials and finishes at your fingertips!
Also, check out the “ultra-customised” option here for a fully bespoke riding helmet.

What parts of an Antarès riding helmet can be recycled ?

As part of our stringent safety procedures, when we recover your Antarès helmet it is broken into several pieces. We do this so that none of the main parts of your helmet can be re-used.
Remember, if your riding helmet has experienced an impact, it is no longer in a fit condition to ensure your full safety.

Did you know ?

Some leather components in our riding helmets, such as the chin pad, are made from offcuts recovered from our tailormade saddles.
To improve our working practices and be more environmentally-friendly, we’ve designed our own range of leather goods !

Bags Antarès

No leather has been specially purchased to design and make these products.

We hope this blog post has cleared up any queries you may have on riding helmets. 😊