How to choose your riding helmet


It can be really difficult to choose your riding helmet, considering that each head shape is different. Yet, the helmet ensures the rider’s safety and must be perfectly adjusted. Wear a too tight or wide helmet is very dangerous, and can be fatal during a fall. It the helmet doesn’t fit, it can’t ensure its protection function.

We are aware that each rider has various needs and expectations. This is why we thought of our helmet as a bespoke tool. First for each discipline, with 4 different visor types. As well for each head shape, with removable foams. This way, it is possible to adjust the external shell but also the thickness of the internal foams.


The helmet is comprised of:
one shell available in S – M – L
1 set of liners « head circumference » (set B)  which adjusts the shell on the head and makes the different sizes depending on the size of the shell. Available thickness: 4 – 8 – 12 – 16 mm. Note that the rear part of this liner is removable to give more space for a ponytail or if the riders wants to keep her hair up inside of the helmet.
1 set of liners « top-front » (Set A) to adjust the depth of the helmet on the top and the front. Available thickness: 4 – 8 mm

Our liners are also sell separately.

Our fitting advices

Here are a few tests you can try to check your helmet adjustment:

The helmet size is correct if:
1) It stands just above the eyebrows line,
2) It fits tight enough without compressing,
3) It stays properly on the head when shaking and bending with chin strap unfastened.

You can also find here an helmet fitting video with one of our Antarès expert: