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Not only do we provide customized leather saddles, but we also offer a complete experience. Our services promise regular, personalized support, and follow-up. Our expert teams are readily available to offer you assistance and guidance.

Fitting appointments

Antarès services

During fittings, our experts focus on biomechanics to create customized pieces that are adapted to both the horse and rider. The primary mission of our sales and technician agent is to observe the horse and rider, understanding the horse’s morphology, functioning, and determining the most suitable type of saddle. They also consider the horse and rider’s way of working, evolving, and their objectives. The first analysis concludes with measurements taken on both the horse and rider.

Their goal is to find the most suitable saddle for you and your horse, ensuring greater comfort and precision in your riding for better performance.

The saddle try-on process is conducted in three steps. The multiple finishing and detail options for our saddles allow us to create a saddle that not only fits perfectly but also aligns with your taste.

The saddles try on are made in 3 steps:

First step: The saddle is placed on the horse’s back while the horse is at rest, without any movement.

Second step: The horse is put into motion with the saddle on to ensure there is no discomfort during movement.

Third step: The rider then tries the saddle while the horse is in motion and provides their feedback.

Schedule an appointment to benefit from expert technical analysis and advice.

Our sales and technician agents are either professional riders or specialists in the equestrian world, which gives them extensive knowledge of horses and competitive equestrian sports. They receive training in saddle fitting at our French workshop and some of our partner stables.

To schedule an appointment, you can directly contact your regional sales representative. The initial phone conversation allows us to prepare and anticipate the appointment by gathering information about both the horse and rider. We also aim to understand the rider’s specific needs and expectations, which will be further complemented by our expert analysis.

During the appointment, you can try on our saddles and find the one that fits you best. Our goal is to enhance your riding experience, improve your precision with your horse, and provide you with greater comfort and performance.

After sale service

Antarès services
Antarès services

Without few exceptions, the saddle delivery is always made by your sales representative. Besides all the quality controls already made in our workshop, a last check is made when the saddle is delivered. To ensure of the conformity with the needs and expectations of the horse and rider. Finishing, measures, fitting of the saddle…

But the Antarès services don’t stop here. Because we wish to follow your evolution, we give a lot of importance to the after-sale customer care. Therefore, our after-sale service allows the evolution of the saddle and its accessories. To fit the young horse muscles changes, or the progression of the rider.

We have adopted a responsible approach and we have always been committed to reducing the impact of our activity, whether environmental (origin, use and recycling of our leather) or societal (working conditions, training, etc.).