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Yann is the Italia and Canada sales manager.

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+33 611 952 205
  • Your rider background

    I ride since my youngest age, my father worked in a national stud. The virus infected me very early! I started with a classic apprenticeship and few pony races, then competition in jumping and eventing.

  • What discipline do you pratice ?

    Horse racing: discovering the sensations on an English training track made me change my discipline!

  • Your best equestrian souvenir ?

    Training in Chantilly with Mme Head, a classic stable. It was journey to the racing's heart on mythical tracks!

  • Your favorite saddle model, and why ?

    Contact, the answer is in the name! In grained leather, a guarantee of tradition and longevity. Its multiple customizations make it unique.

  • For you, what are the good Antarès expert's qualities ?

    Listening ! The essence of our profession.

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