The Extra Contact custom saddle: Revolutionizing equestrian excellence

également une grande mobilité dans sa position pour une expérience inégalée.

In our relentless pursuit of excellence, we’ve conceived the Extra Contact saddle to push the boundaries of equestrian performance. This groundbreaking creation in research and development seamlessly combines comfort, freedom, and mobility.

With a flat seat that fosters enhanced rider-horse connection, this model also offers flexibility and balance in the rider’s position, delivering an unparalleled riding experience.

Riding light and stable

A innovative tree

Precision-crafted around innovation, the tree of the Extra Contact saddle represents a new era in saddle design.

Its shape allows for more clearance along the horse’s spine, promoting greater freedom of movement in the horse’s back.

The new tree of the Extra Contact saddle has been meticulously designed to assist show jumpers in finding their balance with ease. Compared to a traditional wooden tree, its shape enables the rider to ideally position their center of gravity at any given time, resulting in a smoother ride.

Constructed from injected copolymer, it combines two polymers with distinct properties – one for flexibility and the other for maintaining the tree’s shape. This liberates the shoulder blade and minimizes pressure on the rider’s knees over the horse’s withers. Consequently, it ensures superior weight distribution on the horse’s back, allowing them to fully utilize their locomotion and express themselves in their movements.

  • 1Interchangeable arch

    Our technicians can change it to adapt to different horse body shapes

  • 2Ergonomic shape

    The horse’s spine is freed for greater comfort and mobility

  • 3Light riding

    The rider can easily move his point of gravity forward to get to his jumping position

Shorter front panels for enhanced freedom

With the horse’s well-being in mind, the panel’s shape has also been reworked in harmony with the saddle’s new tree. It permits the horse’s shoulders to move with greater freedom. These redesigned panels offer enhanced comfort for the horse, increased scapula freedom, while effectively reducing pressure points.

With the horse's well-being in mind, the panel's shape has also been reworked in harmony with the saddle's new tree.

The Extra Contact saddle is also significantly lighter than traditional saddles. When compared to an Antares saddle (Connexion) with identical specifications, the Extra Contact is 15% lighter (5.26 kg vs. 6.06 kg).

Extra contact equestrian saddle finishes

Its shape allows for more clearance along the horse's spine, promoting greater freedom of movement in the horse's back.

The Extra Contact is available double flap version only.
The stirrup bar is flexible and features a safety lock.
Three finishes for the saddle are offered: soft leather lining, grain, and classic.
2 flap options: the original / the “Classic”.
The original version has the metal “Antarès” stamp. The front and back quilting of the flap provides more comfort.
The “Classic” version, more sober and refined, is ideal for disciplines such as hunter.
The “Classic” model features the boomerang-shaped stirrup leather keepers.
The saddles come in calf or buffalo leather and are available in black or brown.
Customizations are possible, including front and back piping, stirrup leather keeper, stitching, plates, and D-ring.
The tree is backed by a lifetime guarantee, the gullet plate for 5 years, and the leather for 2 years.

Innovation in our manufacturing

Easily adaptable riding saddle

With a flat seat that fosters enhanced rider-horse connection, this model also offers remarkable flexibility and balance in the rider's position, delivering an unparalleled riding experience.

The gullet skin has undergone a complete redesign. Now detachable, it enables technicians to easily change the saddle’s arch if needed. This elastic piece situated underneath the tree between the two panels features 2 front and 2 rear screws. The front screws function as saddle nails, significantly reducing the number of assembly/disassembly operations.

Most components (girth, flaps, knee rolls, etc.) are attached using inserts. These inserts are seamlessly integrated directly into the tree, simplifying assembly and eliminating the need for traditional staples and fasteners. This innovative approach also considerably reduces the labor intensity for our master saddlers, making the creation of custom saddles more efficient.

Opting for a polymer tree is aligned with our responsible approach, allowing us to tailor the product to the unique horse-rider combination while reducing the consumption of raw materials.

Would you like to try Extra Contact?

Discover the European Extra Contact Tour. A series of exclusive events that will allow you to test in unique and friendly conditions.

Our experts are also available to present the saddle to you in your stable.