A new way to personalise your Antarès leather saddle 

personalise leather saddle

Your saddle must bring a sense of well-being and comfort for you and your horse, allowing you to freely express your talent. Our main aim at Antarès is to offer customised saddles, adapted to the specificities and body shape of the horse and rider, paying close attention to both the design and technical features. You can personalise our customised leather saddles in many ways, such as changing the colour of the front and back piping and the Antarès logo, to create a unique piece that has your name written all over it.

We also want to offer you more innovative products, but within reason! We understand the importance of acting responsibly and being as environmentally friendly as possible. That’s why our new personalisation options for your customised saddle are in line with our commitments. This limited collection range of 100 numbered copies is a totally exclusive line.

You can personalise the Antarès logo on your customised fish leather saddle a previously unseen material in the equine world. Derived from the food industry, and provided by the Lyon-based company Ictyos, these fish skins are in keeping with our values.

Innovation to support recycling

Responsible procurement

We have been implementing measures to address the challenges of sustainable development for many years: short supply chains, using leather from the food industry, recycling offcuts and reusing them to produce our leather goods, etc. Learn more about our eco-friendly actions

These efforts are reflected in our partnership with the French company Ictyos, which collects fish skins that would otherwise be destroyed, transforming them into high-quality fish leather. As is the case for our saddle leathers, no animals are killed for their skins.

It’s about using existing resources smartly to “upcycle“. Ictyo’s major suppliers are Sushi Shop, Pokawa and Maturi for salmon skins and the Aqualande group for trout skins, which farms all its fish in France.

This totally exclusive capsule collection comes in a choice of three fish leather colours: sapphire blue, icy grey and powder rose.

personalise your saddle with fish leather

Derived from Salmon skin, Squama leather is either sapphire blue or ice grey in colour . It has a tight, symmetrical grain across its entire surface. It is also a highly resistant material, rounded off with various finishes that make it light, soft and perfectly smooth. Squama is an exceptional leather with unique, unrivalled properties. Its main properties are its grain, fineness and strength. It also has outstanding suppleness and elasticity.

Meanwhile, Luna leather is powder rose in colour and made of scaled trout skin. This incredible material embodies the strength of French rivers, with a very fine and absolutely regular grain. It is also highly innovative, thanks to the fine size of its scales.

Would you like to buy one of our 100 limited-edition saddles?

Carefully selected skins

We carefully select each fish skin, just like the leather for our customised saddles. The regularity of the grain and scales are the main selection criteria.

French tanning

We are proud to promote French domestic production (“made in France”) through our customised saddles, pursuing a fully French approach. 

Iyctos develops and produces fish leathers in its Lyon-based tannery. Depending on the desired properties – suppleness, strength and colour – three organic tannins are used: mimosa, sweet chestnut and quebracho. No metals or chromium are used during this stage, making the leather hypoallergenic.

For more information on the personalisation options for your customised saddle, please contact one of our experts.