Jumping International de Bordeaux is back!

Jumping Bordeaux Antarès 001

After a two-year break due to the pandemic, Jumping International de Bordeaux opened for business again. There was no less than 40 hours of events and 25 conferences on offer from 2 to 5 February. The main arena also hosted a wide array of competitions, including the Antarès Championships and the 5-star show jumping competition.
We were delighted to be among 220 exhibitors who met you over this long weekend, so here’s a look back at the 2023 Bordeaux show!

The Antarès and the jumping de Bordeaux : where hospitality was the order of the day

We organised 3 breakfast buffets to thank our loyal clients and partners. In between croissants and chocolatines (as they call “pain au chocolat” in Bordeaux), you could chat with our local partners as well as : Andy Booth, Gwendolen Fer, le Haras de Malleret, Pauline Guillem, Marie Vonderheyden, Marine and Enzo from the EOS Animal Osteopathy School, Mathilde from the Dance With Him YouTube channel and Koos de Ronde.

Hassen, a household name in riding, showed us his two finest qualities, a fine jacketed gentlemen and a chocolatine-charged rider.

Sporting events at Jumping International de Bordeaux

The Regional Top Ten competition

No less than 10 Antarès riders were selected to compete in the Regional Top Ten. In conjunction with the Nouvelle Aquitaine Regional Equestrian Committee (CRENA), the Baloubet Arena hosted 4 amateur show jumping competitions over 2 days. The ten best riders from the Regional show jumping championships (amateur levels 3, 2 and 1) were subsequently able to take part in the contest.
So, we invited all 10 Antarès riders to our booth to celebrate them qualifying to ride and lend them our support and encouragement.

Jumping Bordeaux Antarès

The Antarès Championships

The Antarès sponsored championships was held in the main show jumping arena at Jumping de Bordeaux. It featured 4 competitions for amateur riders competing in teams of three on Thursday and Friday, then individually over the weekend.

Jumping Bordeaux Antarès

Antarès Championship results

Team standings

🥇 Team Hôtel Ville d’Hiver
🥈 Team Demeure de Campagne
🥉 Team Delmon Group

Individual standings

Gold category
🥇Pauline Sabouraud & Dorna de Kerglenn
🥈 Lucie Santoro & Coco Boy D’Orchival
🥉 Loic Durain & Diabolo Bigarderie

Silver category
🥇 Laurent Cisneros & Uranie de Celland (for the second year in a row)
🥈 Nicolas Sanchis & So Tinkas Girl de Fo
🥉 Frédéric Josenhans & Cresus du Lavoir

Jumping de Bordeaux indoor cross country

This event saw elite eventing riders battling it out against each other at this indoor contest. It also gave us the chance to follow and interview Maxime Livio as he checked out the circuit. He gave us his valuable tips to win a cross country event as well as the way he handles this specific challenge and his life as a professional rider.

Following 3 consecutive indoor cross country wins, he came 6th in the Bordeaux event.

The dressage battle

There was plenty of dressage and drama on display! The elite dressage French riders were unchained from the confines of their day jobs to really heat up the arena. There was music, rhythm and plenty of energy to go with superior national-standard technique in this riding discipline.
The French team featuring Marc Boblet, Mado Pinto, Karim-Florent Laghouag won the dressage battle!

The Antarès Sellier team

The entire Antarès team was involved in creating and organising activities at the Jumping de Bordeaux show booth. We’d like to give a special mention to all those who worked so hard, directly and indirectly, to make the exhibition booth such a success. That also means developing our products to dismantling the booth!

We can’t wait to see you again next year!