Dressage: Cadence or Tempo, step up the pace

Antares dressage saddle

Whatever type of riding you do, training your horse is the bedrock for any type of display or performance. We’d like to introduce you to two of our dressage saddle models, prized by the world’s top riders in their daily training sessions or for competing. A dressage saddle enhances your riding experience, giving you greater fluidity, accuracy, while perfecting your position. It gives you a different experience to training sessions, to feel the relationship between horse and rider in a new way.

The Cadence dressage saddle for a freer rider

The Cadence saddle provides great positioning for your legs without obstructing your movement. It’s ideal for riders who sit firm in their seat. The comfort and feeling of contact it gives makes it an excellent competition saddle but also the perfect partner for training at the stables. It V-shaped girthing ensures the saddle sits nice and stable on the horse’s back. Its DTA 50 panels are larger than the traditional kind and the stitching at the back enables the saddle-maker to lay the foam padding flatter. The saddle is more stable, especially for horses with rounded backs while the rider’s weight is even better distributed over the horse’s back.

Cadence Antares dressage saddle

Gwendolen Fer’s verdict:

“I use the Cadence saddle as it gives me a straighter leg position and to be at one with my horses. I like this saddle as it gives me freedom while instilling accuracy in my movements!”

The Tempo dressage saddle, for greater precision

The Tempo is the latest addition to our dressage saddle collection and provides a steadier seat for the pelvis and a more upright position. It has a deep seat contoured to provide excellent engagement. Its oblique blocks positioned higher up and further back provide a firm hold for the legs yet allow the knee to move. The new design for the front of the panels prevents the saddle from moving too far towards the horse’s shoulders. It also gives it excellent freedom of movement to the front hand of the horse. The adaptable strapping is an advantage for adjusting the saddle’s balance.

Terhi Stegars’ verdict:

“I love the Antarès Tempo saddle. It’s seat provides a very light engagement yet there’s enough support for the knees if you need it. I think it’s the most comfortable saddle I’ve ever sat on. I’ve worked with Antarès saddles for the last 15 years and used them for many European and World Championship events. I can’t imagine riding a horse without them.”

Producing customs-made Antarès saddles

Whether its Cadence or Tempo, our saddles are all handmade in our French bespoke saddle workshop. Each Antarès saddle is unique and customisable, requiring several weeks of work. Click here to see the traditional method used to make our saddles plus a behind-the-scenes peek at our fine saddle-making workshop.