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Cadence dressage saddle
Cadence dressage saddle
Cadence dressage saddle
Cadence dressage saddle
Cadence dressage saddle

Cadence dressage saddle

Provides a great natural position, without going to the leg’s total verticality. Its comfort and the close contact feeling make it ideal for both competition and training. V shape girthing for optimum balance and pressure distribution.

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The DTA 50 panels are wider than the traditional panels. The stitching at the back of the panels allows the saddle maker to position the foam flat. The saddle gains stability, specifically for horses with a round back. The weight of the rider is better distributed over the horse’s back.

The Cadence horse saddle is made with a new generation of tree in reinforced laminated beech wood. It’s providing increased shock absorption across the horse’s back and giving more freedom to the spinal cord, for more mobility. Arches strength lab tests.

The softness of the selected French leather combined with the panels design offers a perfect comfort to the horse and the rider.

5 years limited warranty on the tree, 2 years limited warranty on the Antarès leather.

Cadence dressage saddle technical specifies

Deep seat
Available from size 16″ to 18.5″
Flaps available in different sizes
Custom made panels
Available in calf or buffalo leather

Custom saddle

Customizable saddle for both horse and rider in more than 12 different colors. Topstitching, back piping and stirrups keepers. Logos are available on double flaps saddles only.

Cadence dressage saddle leather care

Saddle soap 

To preserve the natural suppleness and flexibility of the leather of your saddle, clean it after every ride with a damp sponge

Leather conditioner 

Use our conditioner once or twice a month, depending on how often you use your saddle, to moisturize the leather. Spread out the product evenly over your entire saddle with a sponge or clean tissue.

Leather oil 

You don't have to oil your saddle for the first year. Then apply our oil once or twice a year, always based on how often you ride, to soften and nourish the leather. To do this, apply the product with a paintbrush

Our products have been developed to match with your saddle’s needs. If you are using other products, it's really important to check they are designed for your leather saddle. For this, soapconditioner and oil should be aniline leather-friendly

<h2>Cadence dressage saddle leather care</h2>
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