Our gift ideas for horse and rider

As every year, December is synonymous with spending hours looking for gifts for your loved ones. Yet, all too often, ideas are in short supply and it’s hard to find the perfect present among the thousands of products out there.

So to help you, the Antarès team has created a list of gift ideas for both horse and rider, useful presents that will delight you and your horse. We also thought about those who don’t ride, or are not so taken with horses and riding. Antarès helps you share your passion for equestrian sports with your loved ones, with gifts that will delight the whole family.

Gifts for horse and rider 

A riding helmet

A classic helmet

Every horse rider needs a riding helmet. Helmets keep riders safe so only the best will do. They have to meet very specific and strict requirements. Just like our entire riding helmet range does. All our helmets meet European, British and American standards. Get the best of both worlds with the Antarès helmet: safety and style. The sleek design provides riders with a chic specialist accessory.

Customisable accessories

You can customise all the Antarès helmets too. Put your own stamp on your helmet with a different helmet plate, headband and triangle. They are easily interchangeable. It’s a great way to update your helmet without having to replace it!

Christmas helmet gift sets

We’ve put together gift sets that even the most discerning riders will love opening on Christmas Day. The “Premium helmet” and “Galaxy helmet” gift sets are designed to make riders’ lives easier. The helmet comes with a helmet bag that makes storing and transporting equipment a breeze. The bag is fully waterproof while the fleece lining absorbs impacts and protects your helmet. The large central pocket and smaller side pockets provide extra storage space, especially for small items.


Cutting it fine? All our helmets are hand-crafted in our Saintes workshop so stock isn’t always instantly replenished. But we have a solution! We can send you the helmet bag and a gift card for you to personalise and put under the Christmas tree. We’ll send you the helmet when it’s ready. The choice is yours!

Bridlery for horse

Bridle and noseband

Bridles are an essential horse riding accessory. They play an important role in the horse’s comfort. They should avoid putting pressure on sensitive areas for the horse. These pressure points can cause discomfort and pain.
That’s why all our bridles have been designed specifically to reduce any risk of discomfort for horses.

Precision and Origin bridle gift sets

We wanted to celebrate Christmas with some extra special offers. We’ve put together Christmas gift sets that are only available online. A collection of Antarès accessories to make Christmas even more magical.
The bridle gift sets both come with a pair of reins and soap so their lucky owners can use their new bridle right away and keep it in tip top condition.

Idées cadeaux Noel cavalier
Idées cadeaux Noel cavalier

Halters and leads

Whatever your level and riding discipline, a halter is a gift that will always come in useful. It is vital for riders, whether they own a horse or not. Leather halters are renowned for being sturdy but also for their comfort. Leather is an allergy-free material and when it rubs against the skin it minimises any irritations. 

We have worked with a team of sports and equine health specialists to create the halter with the perfect fit. The Stressless Halter soothes the horse when being led and reduces pressure on the nape of its neck. The buckle fasteners on each side of the horse’s head make it a practical and comfortable choice. This halter is the ideal gift, contributing to your safety and that of your horse, using your hand or a lead.

Horse wear

Saddle pad

This saddle pad is a gift that always pleases and is useful too. It’s an absolute must to go with horse and rider to the competition ground. Saddle pads must be washed regularly to stay in a good state so having a spare one is always a bonus. It can also take time to dry after a training session, so it’s important for all regular riders to have several saddle pads. This gift is a winner, make no mistake!

Ear net

To go with your saddle pad, how about an ear net which can be very useful for sensitive or easily distracted horses? It provides protection from flies and insects and reduces nearby noise. If your horse finds it hard to focus when you’re riding, an ear net will help you in your training exercises. Ear nets are a must in competition where the venues can often be very noisy. The Antarès ear net is very snug and comfortable thanks to its light, elasticated fabric over the ears. It fits all horses with different shapes and heads. An ear net can be a real asset for concentration and working with the horse but it often gets overlooked. This gift idea will please even the most discerning riders and mounts.

Half pads

A good half pad can make a real difference to your riding performance. It’s a gift for you and your horse. The half pad sits between the saddle and horse’s back providing greater comfort when riding. Antarès half pads are made for memory foam. Their 3D mesh technology better distributes the saddle and the rider’s weight. Your horse will thank you!

More comfort for your horse under the saddle also provides greater freedom of movement and agility when competing.We have also developed an adjustable half pad for your horse and saddle, called the Adjust Pad. This half pad is recommended for sensitive horses or those suffering from back pain. An opening each side of the back-line means you can insert removable shims both to the front and rear. Muscle shape in the horse’s back can change very quickly according to the intensity of workouts. Adjusting the thickness or half pad shims helps prevent discomfort when the muscles change shape in the horse’s back.

Idées cadeaux Noel cavalier

Christmas horse and rider gift sets

Treat riders and their horses to the beanie and ear bonnet gift set. Our 100% vegan beanies take you from the the stable to the city with style. Our Toronto beanie has a removable faux fur bobble so you can wear it your way. Our ear bonnet calms and soothes sensitive horses.


Saddle accessory

An accessory to complete the saddle is a very useful gift for the rider. Depending on the discipline practiced, and its intensity, the material can deteriorate. It must be checked regularly to avoid any risk of unexpected breakage.

Idées cadeaux Noel cavalier


Girths are an endless source of gift ideas. Their various forms and materials suit all types of horses and riding disciplines. But, finding THE right girth for you and your horse can be a real headache. The most suitable type of girth can be completely different based on your saddle, the reins that you use, how sensitive your horse is, or the kind of riding you do. Antarès girths, whether long, short, straight, or belly guard, better distribute pressure from the girth strapping and prevents discomfort from movement. Their carefully chosen combination of soft and hard leather provides optimal comfort and protection. Our girths all have :

– a large central snaplink and side rings to attach the reins,
– or Easy Clip system.

This system hinders neither the horse’s nor the rider’s movements when riding. Antarès girths are made from French leather and memory foam.


While the choice of saddle is crucial to an effective working relationship between horse and rider, stirrups also need due consideration. Stirrups provide the rider with support and good balance. They distribute the rider’s weight properly and keep them safe. Stirrups are the idea gift for a rider who wants to enhance and improve their technique. Antarès offers you a range of Royal Rider stirrups, which are technical design made in Italy. Royal Rider stirrups stand out because of their light, extremely robust and high-performance design. Their wide arch provides a spacious opening, resulting in greater stability and safety for the rider. The tread has a very strong, non-slip metal grip.

Idées cadeaux Noel cavalier

Stirrup leathers

Stirrup leathers are essential accessories that are often put through the mill (stretching, rubbing against the saddle etc.) so they require maintenance and careful inspection. Early wear and tear can endanger the rider. That’s why we recommend using premium stirrup leathers so they last longer. Our stirrup leathers are made of carefully-chosen French leather. Our single-strap stirrup leathers are made from some of the strongest yarn. Strong bomb yarn is used in the aeronautics industry and to make military parachutes. We use it to help your stirrup leathers last longer.

Idées cadeaux Noel cavalier

Idées cadeaux Noel cavalier

Riding equipment to take riders from the stable to the city


Our new gloves are designed especially for lead rope use and are stylish, comfortable and eco-friendly all in one! The calfskin palms make the gloves more friction-resistant and buffalo leather uppers provide improved stretch. We use off-cuts from our bespoke leather saddles to combat waste. The lining of the gloves is made from organic French cotton. This product is made entirely in France! This online exclusive is a gift that riders (and novices) will adore.

Gift ideas for all the family

Leather goods

We’ve made the most of our leather off-cuts to design a collection of leather accessories to take you from the stable to the city with style. We create outstanding pieces using any leftover French leather from our bespoke saddles made by our artisans at our Saintes workshop. We strive to use as much of the leather as possible true to our eco-friendly vision and deep respect for the leather itself. We discard as little as possible to keep waste to a minimum. Our bags are made from full-grain French leather with no sanding or other treatments to keep the leather strong and solid.

Bags and clutches

We’ve designed a range of bags in different sizes so there’s something for everyone. We have 3 large bags (Paris handbag, Milano hobo bag and Oliva saddle bag) for people who like lots of storage. Take your laptops, diaries, wallets and card holders everywhere you go. The sleek Lisbonne and Rio clutches in the range are ideal for minimalists.


Our leather goods range includes accessories. Our leather keyring, card holder, London purse and gloves are made from our leather saddle off-cuts too and bound to delight your loved one.

Christmas leather bag gift set

Our leather bag gift set contains matching items to spoil your family. The Paris handbag and card holder bring style together with sustainability to add that “je ne sais quoi” to your day.



Our leather care products

Whether you ride or not, you’re bound to have some leather items in your wardrobe. They could be shoes, jackets, bags, hats but they all need care to keep them supple and sturdy. Our Antarès leather care range includes cleaning products and leather conditioners. We have saddle soap, conditioner and oil to deeply nourish your leather goods. Antarès leather conditioner is French-made and highly effective on all types of leather, including shoes! It’s a simple but always useful, even essential, gift.

Need some ideas?


How can you be sure you get the gift you want on Christmas Day? It’s easy to get the wrong size, colour or even model. That’s why we’ve come up with the wishlist! Create your account on our website then click on the “heart” on each product page to automatically add the product to your wishlist. Now all that’s left is to share your wishlist link with your friends and family to give them gift ideas.

Gift card

If you can’t decide, there is always Antarès gift cards. By choosing the amount you want to give (in €50 increments), available one year, you can’t go wrong!