Rhinopneumonia : New health protocol


To face the epidemic of rhino pneumonia in France and Europe, Antarès join forces with you. Since the beginning of the Covid19 pandemic, a first health protocol has been established. Our team on the ground is equipped with all the essentials of protection and disinfection.

Because we care about the trust relationship we have been having with you for more than 20 years.

We reinforced this health protocol taking advices from our veterinary partners.

  • Besides the protection mask they already wear, our team is now equipped with gloves and overshoes to limit the most contact with horses.
  • All the accessories used during the meeting will be the customer’s property: saddle pad, girth, stirrups, leather stirrups…
  • A protective saddle pad will be used between the saddle and the saddle pad.
  • The saddles tried on during the meeting will be disinfected after each use. Of course, the sanitizer used isn’t dangerous neither for the horse or for the leather.
  • Gloves, over-shoes and protective saddle pad used during the meeting will be thrown in a trash bag and stay in the stables where the meeting takes place. The meaning of this action is to avoid any transfer from a stable to another.
  • The vehicles are cleaned, disinfected, and equipped with all the essentials to prevent from contamination risks.

To ensure the great circulation of our technical team, we count on your honesty and full disclosure regarding the situation in your stables and the potential contamination risks. Thank you in advance to respond in as much detail as possible to all the questions you will receive before the meeting.

This way, we will be able to maintain our presence and our advices on the ground during these tough times.

All our thoughts are with the stables, horses and riders affected by this epidemic. We wish you a very quick recovery.

Take care,

The Antarès Team