Les Sabots du Coeur in our workshop

antares sellier docteur peyo les sabots du cœur selle de dressage selle de cheval

antares sellier docteur peyo les sabots du cœur selle de dressage selle de cheval
Selle de cheval Antarès casque equitation selle monoquartier selle dressage Hassen Peyo Les sabots du coeur

Hassen and Peyo in our workshop

Wednesday, January 27th we had the exceptional visit of Hassen and Peyo in our workshop. This amazing couple has been traveling trough France and Europe for 6 years to take care of hospitalized people. Peyo is a unique horse with the ability to detect diseases and illness, particularly in the case of close life ending.

A couple with great heart

Horseshow man, Hassen meets Peyo during rehearsals for a new show. The couple has trouble communicating at its beginning. But after a certain amount of time, Hassen understands that Peyo’s behaviour radically change when he’s close to people with fragile health. From a cold and distant horse, he becomes soft and protective. Peyo is the only horse in the world with this very special ability, so Hassen has chosen to follow his horse’s steps.

Les Sabots du Coeur

With their association “Les Sabots du cœur », Peyo and Hassen are committed to human dignity. They accompagny sick people trough their last moment, to bring them light and happiness. They also support families in these hard times, giving them serenity and peace. The team is composed of 150 doctors and veterinary, all volunteers. Each months, the association support around twenty patients, childs and adults. More than the daily work they do with patients and families, Les Sabots du Coeur are building up the first Human Dignity Center in the world. A haven of peace, to appease the hearts.

Thanks to you

In 2020, with this complicated sanitary context, Antarès and Les Sabots du Coeur worked together for a solidarity project. Together, we created high protection masks, certified and made in France. All the benefits from the masks sales are donated to Les Sabots du Coeur, to support their actions and future projects. Thanks to you, we have been able to donate 1574€ to Hassen and Peyo during their visit. This money will be use to finance orphans child’s burials.

The maks are still available right here :

To learn more on Hassen, Peyo and Les Sabots du Coeur :