Antarès rider : Andy Booth lesson

Discover Andy Booth’s testimony, one of our Antarès riders

Andy Booth trusts the Antarès saddles to be the intermediate between him and his horse. Great Defensor of the “couple” notion, his riding is based on a subtle approach of the horse and rider collaboration and communication.

Andy Booth chose the Connexion monoflap saddle.

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The horse-riding saddle, a communication tool

If the first function of a saddle is to bring comfort to the horse and rider couple, it mostly allows a more subtle riding. Andy Booth, master of ethology and king of communication with horses, says it: more than a seat, it is a true communication tool.

Precision, key for an efficient riding

For a smooth riding, the horse must feel every change in the seat. And this in all disciplines: whether it is dressage, jumping or cross country. The smallest leg action, the lighter change in balance must go freely from the rider to the horse. Everything in horse riding is a matter of precision. The saddle must pass on all the messages without modifying their content.

The saddle to understand your horse

More than that, information must go both ways: the saddle is an intermediate, the horse’s messages must also be translated by the rider. The back’s tension, the spine’s curves, the hind leg’s propulsion… The smallest move, even the lightest balance change must be taken in consideration. To understand and react the right way to the different horse’s muscular behaviors, you must be able to feel them first.

Metamorphose for the horse and rider couple

If the saddle doesn’t fit the horse or rider, it can create tensions and pain which modify considerably the efficiency of work. Pressure points thus appeared can even block out several moves. It is usual to see a horse metamorphose at work with a new saddle.

The custom mono flap saddle, available in all the Antarès jumping seats.