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A half pad is an additional layer between the horse’s back and the saddle. As its name suggests, the main purpose of a saddle pad is to absorb impacts and protect the horse’s back. A half pad can provide a real sense of relief to more sensitive horses. It spreads the rider’s weight and frees up sensitive areas by slightly raising the saddle from the withers and first dorsal vertebrae, in particular. This is a solution to numerous back complaints, as well as an option for horses with very specific morphology.

Why put a half pad on your horse?

A half pad also has a corrective role. A horse’s back is constantly changing in relation to its muscle shape and diet. Even on custom-made saddles, the half pad plays a key role when the horse experiences a change in performance. It also helps adjust the saddle’s pressure points and balance. As such, the saddle can be adapted to fit several horses with different morphological traits.

The perfect half pad, designed by saddle and horse back science specialists

Antarès half pads

Antarès has worked with vets and osteopaths to design two half pads to supplement its expertise in custom-made saddles and add greater comfort and precision to its products. The choice of materials is always a tricky matter to find the right balance. Antarès half pads are a technological amalgam that combines lightness and shock absorption. The carefully chosen blend of natural wool, leather and a 3D mesh is like having a chameleon on the horse’s back. The French leather used to make Antarès half pads comes from offcuts from our custom-made saddles.

Natural wood

The upper part of Antarès half pads is made from topstitched natural wool. This provides excellent resistance to wear prevents tearing and protects the saddle leather from the horse’s sweat.

3D mesh

The 3D mesh absorbs impacts, distributes pressure and improves ventilation for the horse’s back. The half pad’s memory foam ensures a perfect fit between horse and saddle.

French leather

Specially shaped cut-open leather wither protectors also leave them space while the leather spine channel on the half pad’s inner side also provides excellent flexibility.

In collaboration with the specialized osteopathy school EOS Animal, we have written an article with our best tips to avoid back pain in horses.

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Ergonomic half pad


Ergonomic half pad

The Ergonomic Pad is a half pad that soaks up shocks and reduces pressure points. It also provides good saddle stability and balance by spreading the weight of the rider and saddle for increased comfort when riding.

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Ergonomic Fitting half pad


Ergonomic Fitting half pad

The Adjust Pad has a corrective feature with memory foam technology to adapt to the horse’s back. Its 3D mesh soaks up shocks and reduces pressure points. It also has pockets to insert corrective shims.

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