How to use the Antarès Easy Clip ?

Easy Clip advantages

At Antarès, we strive to offer both horse and rider with the best possible support for sporting performance. To achieve this, we recently developed a brand new range of 6 different girths, complete with accessories.

Easy Clip is a new clip fastening system to attach and remove your Antarès girths with ease.

The system has been specially designed to fit reins simply and smoothly yet is durable and safe for horse and rider. The clip does away with conventional snap hooks or rings that could catch in the rider’s studs or the horseshoes.

Easy clip can be fitted to all types of reins used on a daily basis or in competition.

Once you fit the Easy Clip, there’s no need to adjust the reins, which saves a great deal of time. This radically innovative new system is entirely new to horse riding.

How to use Easy Clip:

You can fit Easy Clip in two ways: On a set of reins instead of a snap hook, or by simply attaching your reins to the Easy Clip ring.

  1. For the first option, you’ll need the Allen key that comes with the kit to unscrew the metal pin on the Easy Clip. Remove the leather top part of the Easy Clip and swap it for your reins. Next, simply refit the metal pin to properly secure your reins and you’re done!
  2. If you want to attach your reins to the Easy Clip ring, there’s no need to remove the leather top part. You just have to attach the snap rings on your reins to the Easy Clip ring. Then clip it to your girth.

Need more information? View the video for detailed instructions on how to use Easy Clip with any set of reins.

Antarès Easy Clip girths

Easy Clip, a French-made innovation:

Easy Clip has been developed by Antarès in conjunction with the French company, CONTAT, a specialist climbing and parachuting firm in the Alps.

Available on Antarès girths:

*Easy Clip is made in France.

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Long anatomic girth


Long anatomic girth

The long anatomic girth frees up your horse’s forelegs, providing more comfort than a classic straight girth. The calfskin lined padding also gives it additional flexibility. 

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Stud girth Easy Clip


Stud girth Easy Clip

The girth provides optimum comfort and gentle contact thanks to its calfskin lined padding. The Easy Clip fastening system is covered by a leather flap to prevent any risk of snagging when jumping.

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Short belly guard girth


Short belly guard girth

The short stud girth features an anatomic design to stop the horse feeling any discomfort in its forelegs. The Easy Clip fastening system is integrated and covered with a leather tongue to avoid any risk of snagging during jumps.

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