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Short anatomic girth
Short anatomic girth
Short anatomic girth

Short anatomic girth


This short girth's anatomic shape coupled with its calfskin-lined padding gives the horse comfort while evenly distributing girthing pressure.

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The long anatomic girth description

Its ergonomic design fits snugly to the horse's body shape, providing maximum comfort. It completely frees up the horse's shoulders and elbows, giving it optimal locomotion

The short girth's anatomic shape distributes girthing pressure evenly to prevent any pain or discomfort. The light calfskin-lined foam padding provides the horse with gentle contact and comfort to keep it feeling serene. It also comes with lateral elastic cords to make girthing easier. The offset straps better distribute girthing pressure on the horse's thorax.

The girth is delivered in an Antarès girth bag

Why choose a leather girth?

Leather offers the best performance. It's hypoallergenic and provides unparalleled comfort for the horse. Leather is also a guarantee of quality and has a long life. 

Getting the right size :

To select the right size of your girth in centimetres, you first need to measure the height of your horse's withers.

Consult our size guide in our blog post

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Short anatomic girth finishes and leather

Colors and finishes

This girth is available in brown or black leather with beige or black topstitching respectively. 

The short anatomic girth  is created from a French leather

The short anatomic girth is an alloy of bovine leather and grained and smooth leather from France.

Our leather is carefully selected. Indeed, we have made the choice of supply of french leather and the most ecological possible. Moreover, the thickness, but also the density and the appearance of our leathers are particularly checked. 

A specific vegetable tanning based on chestnut has been specially developed for our leathers. This technique aims to ensure our leathers excellent stability and longevity. It also improves its resistance

<h2>Short anatomic girth finishes and leather</h2>

How to maintain your short anatomic girth ?

Glycerin soap

To maintain the strength and suppleness of the leather, clean your girth after each use.

Apply the soap with a damp sponge.

Leather conditioner 

Hydrate your girth with the conditioner 1 to 2 times a month. For this, use a clean cloth or sponge.

Leather oil

Soften your leathers with leather oil 1 to 2 times a year. Apply the product with a brush.

<h2>How to maintain your short anatomic girth ?</h2>

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