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Shims for Adjust pad

Shims for Adjust pad


Sold in sets of 4 (2 front and 2 rear), Adjust Pad shims help correct your saddle pad to get the best fit. They ensure the saddle hugs the horse's back and reduce any risk of back troubles.

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Description of the Shims for Adjust pad 

The shape and material used to design the saddle pad pockets and shims ensure that they will hold firm. The shims can also be placed on top of each other to get the required correction. The maximum thickness of shims is 0.5 cm at the front and 1 cm at the rear.

The shims are sold in sets of 4 (2 front and 2 rear).

Advantages Ergonomic Fitting half pad 

The Adjust Pad's 3D mesh acts as a shock absorber while reducing pressure points and improving airflow to the horse's back.

The Adjust Pad also has a built-in "corrective" feature with the shims ensuring that a saddle fits perfectly on a new horse. It also allows for muscle loss during the "off-season" or for any asymmetry in the shoulders or back.

The half pad is designed to suit all types of horses and is a particularly good choice for sensitive horses or those with back problems. 

We have published an article jointly with an osteopathy college featuring 3 tips to prevent your horse getting back pain.

If you'd like more details on our adjust pads, please read our blog post.