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Stressless halter
Stressless halter
Stressless halter
Stressless halter
Stressless halter

Stressless halter


The Stressless halter was developed in collaboration with equine health professionals. Equipped with a padded browband and noseband, this leather halter with elastic inserts ensures perfect comfort for the horse. Its removable throat latch combines practicality and quick use of the halter. It accompanies the horse without restricting it and reduces the risk of panic or accidents.

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Leather care

Description of the Stressless halter

The teams at Antarès Sellier France, in collaboration with Cédric Angot and the veterinarians at the Clinique du cheval, have worked on developing a simple and innovative solution to create a more serene tethering environment for the horse and its rider.

The technicality of the Stressless halter

The padded browband and noseband of the Stressless halter reduce pressure on sensitive areas of the horse, such as the cervical spine, the poll, the facial nerves, and the muzzle. The flexibility of the padding also provides unparalleled comfort for your horse.

This halter also features elastic inserts on the browband and cheek pieces to minimize the "stop" phenomenon that can occur during head movements while tethered.

Its double adjustment allows it to adapt to the morphology of each horse.
The removable throat latch has been designed to ensure optimal practicality and quick use.

This Stressless halter pairs perfectly with our Antarès lead (sold separately)."

A Stressless halter made from French hides

Very high quality leather 

Our leather is carefully selected. Indeed, we have made the choice of supply of french leather and the most ecological possible. Moreover, the thickness, but also the density and the appearance of our leathers are particularly checked.

A specific vegetable tanning based on chestnut has been specially developed for our leathers. This technique aims to ensure our leathers excellent stability and longevity. It also improves its resistance.

<h2>A Stressless halter made from French hides</h2>

How to maintain your Stressless halter ?

Saddle soap 

To maintain the leather strength and suppleness, clean your halter after each use. Apply our soap with a damp sponge.  

Leather conditioner 

Once or twice a month, moisturize your clean leather with the conditioner. To do this, use a clean tissue or sponge. 

Leather oil

Once or twice a year, soften your halter with our leather oil. Apply the product with a brush.

<h2>How to maintain your Stressless halter ?</h2>

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