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Tina is the international sales representative.

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  • Your rider background

    I've been a rider since I was old enough to ride. In other words, ever since I first got on a Shetland, I've never stopped riding. On the other hand, I've never wanted to compete because what interests me most in horse riding is the special relationship you have with your horse and the couple's progress in understanding each other (which automatically leads to progress in performance). The way I ride has never required me to take part in competitions.

  • What disciplines do you practise?

    What I like most is show jumping, for the adrenaline it gives me. However, I also do a lot of dressage because I find the discipline necessary to progress over jumps.

  • Your favorite saddle model and why ?

    I think that each saddle has its own particularity which allows it to be adapted to the rider-horse pair in the best possible way. As far as I'm concerned, the mixed saddle I like the most is the Contact and for the dressage saddle it's the Tempo because they give me the best position and more freedom in my pelvis.

  • What are the qualities of a good antarès expert for you ?

    In my opinion, the most important quality to have is above all listening and empathy, so as to be able to understand the needs of the rider and his horse. It's also very important to know your range and your market so that, once you've understood their needs, you can respond in the best possible way. Finally, in my opinion, organisation is also a very advantageous skill to have, so as not to spread yourself too thin and to be methodical both in your rounds and in the presentation of a product or range.

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