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  • Your rider background

    I grew up in a riders family and I have always been in contact with horses. I continued to cultivate this relationship with the equestrian world during my business school studies by getting involved in the show jumping organization and by starting my collaboration with Antarès in Quebec.

  • What discipline do you pratice ?

    I have a preference for the adrenaline provided by show jumping but spend a lot of time outdoors with my own horses.

  • Your favorite saddle model, and why ?

    Each saddle is fitting to a type of riding which is specific to each rider. For me, the Contact is the model that suits me best in terms of balance and proximity with horse.

  • For you, what are the good Antarès expert's qualities ?

    In my opinion, a good expert is attentive to the expectations of the rider-horse couple in order to best support them in their search for pleasure and performance.

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