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Origin rubber reins 5/8
Origin PP rubber
Origin PP rubber

Origin rubber reins 5/8


The Origin rubber reins offer a good grip thanks to its gripping rubber. They also provide a soft and pleasant contact with the horse's mouth.

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Description of the Origin rubber reins 5/8

20mm-wide rubber reins with Antarès stainless steel buckles. These high-grip rubber reins provide a firm hold even in the rain. The pimpled hand grip means the reins will never slip through your hands when working with your horse. 

The inner side of the rein hand features a smooth nylon lining for greater resistance and longevity

The reins also feature a full grain French leather section specially selected by Antarès to be hard-wearing and stretch-resistant.

The attachment to the bit is made by hooks to facilitate the putting on and taking off of the bit. 

The stops of the martingale are made of leather.

These Origin rubber reins match perfectly with our bridle

More information on riding reins 

To be sure to choose the best rein model for your needs (types, materials, sizes), find our blog article on the subject.

Finishes and leather of the Origin rubber reins 5/8


Stainless steel buckles

Origin reins are an alloy of rubber, nylon and smooth leather from France.

These reins are available in black leather with black stitching and malt leather with beige stitching.

The size of the reins is 20 mm.

French leather 

Our leather is carefully selected. Indeed, we have made the choice of supply of french leather and the most ecological possible. Moreover, the thickness, but also the density and the appearance of our leathers are particularly checked. 

A specific vegetable tanning based on chestnut has been specially developed for bridlework. This technique aims to ensure our leathers excellent stability and longevity. It also improves its resistance. 

<h2>Finishes and leather of the Origin rubber reins 5/8</h2>

How to maintain your Origin rubber reins 5/8 ?

Even if your reins are not completely made of leather, it is wise to take good care of them for their good duration in time.

Glycerin soap

To maintain the strength and suppleness of the leather, clean your reins after each use.

Apply the soap with a damp sponge.

Leather conditioner 

Hydrate your reins with the conditioner 1 to 2 times a month. For this, use a clean cloth or sponge.

Leather oil

Soften your leathers with leather oil 1 to 2 times a year. Apply the product with a brush.

<h2>How to maintain your Origin rubber reins 5/8 ?</h2>

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