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Rio clutch bag
Rio clutch bag
Rio clutch bag
Rio clutch bag
Rio clutch bag

Rio clutch bag


The Rio pouch, practical and chic, is ideal for riders who don't want to be burdened on competition grounds, at the stable, or in the city. It is perfect for staying connected while horse riding and carrying your phone with you everywhere.

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Finishes & leather

Description of the Rio clutch bag

The Rio leather pouch is practical and lightweight, perfect for riders who don't want to be burdened on the competition field, at the stable, or in the city. It can hold all phone models (from mini to maxi), without causing any discomfort in your pocket. The pouch allows you to carry all the essentials of your daily life, like your passport-holder. Its interior is lined with fabric. It has a zip closure and magnetic flap for easy closure. The clutch fits our two belt widths.

Leather is a living material. It can react differently during tanning. So two skins can have slightly different pigmentation depending on how they react to the process.

Leather recycling for our leather goods range

Our entire range of leather goods is produced from our leather offcuts. No leather has been specifically bought for these items and each piece of leather is cleverly re-used to its best advantage, to design our products. Clearly, using leather offcuts doesn’t detract from Antarès’ standards of excellence. All the initial quality of our leather is preserved as we don’t correct the grain, which gives the leather its appealing irregularities.

Discover all the actions we take to recycle our leather.

The clutch Bag size

The clutch bag measures 20 cm x 11 cm x 2 cm. The shoulder strap is 120 cm adjustable.

Clutch bag Finishes and Leather

Colors and finishes

This clutch bag is available in brown leather with beige stitching or black leather with black stitching. 

It features a leather fringe bag jewel and a decorative Antares saddle stud.

The clutch bag made from French leather

Our leather is meticulously selected. We have chosen to source French leather, prioritizing ecological considerations. Moreover, the thickness, density, and strength of our leathers are rigorously controlled.

<h2>Clutch bag Finishes and Leather</h2>

How to maintain your clutch bag?

Due to our choices to avoid wasting leather, the leather of our pouches may appear less smooth than that used in other product ranges. The leather on this clutch bag is untreated, so we recommend waterproofing before use.

Saddle soap 

To maintain the leather strength and suppleness, clean your clutch bag with our soap and a damp sponge.  

Leather conditioner 

The application of a quality conditioner will attenuate any visual irregularities and give it a beautiful appearance, making its colour a little darker.  Once or twice a month, moisturize your clean leather with the conditioner. To do this, use a clean tissue or sponge. 

Leather oil

Once or twice a year, soften your clutch bag with our leather oil. Apply the product with a brush.

<h2>How to maintain your clutch bag?</h2>