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Antares helmets liners - Set A Top and front

Helmets liners - set A top and front


The pads adapt to riders different head shapes for a perfect helmet fit. Whether it's round or oval, the helmet pads provide optimal comfort.

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Description of the liner set  

In contact with the rider's head, our helmet pads ensure a perfect fit for your riding helmet and optimal comfort. Whether your head is round or oval, they'll adjust to your morphology. Removable, these internal foams can be easily removed and cleaned to keep the bomb clean. Made in Italy, our pads are breathable, OEKO-TEX® certified and hand-washable in warm water. 

To make up a complete set of pads, you need to combine an A set (front and top) and a B set (headband).

Composition of the liner set 

The liner set is comprised of:

– 1 set of liners « head circumference » (set B)  which adjusts the shell on the head and makes the different sizes depending on the size of the shell. Available thickness: 4 – 8 – 12 – 16 mm. Note that the rear part of this liner is removable to give more space for a ponytail or if the riders wants to keep her hair up inside of the helmet.

– 1 set of liners « top-front » (Set A) to adjust the depth of the helmet on the top and the front. Available thickness: 4 – 8 mm

Our headset pads are included with the headset, but also sold separately.

How to choose your riding helmet size?

Here are a few tests you can try to check your helmet adjustment. The helmet size is correct if:

1) It stands just above the eyebrows line,

2) It fits tight enough without compressing,

3) It stays properly on the head when shaking and bending with the chinstrap unfastened.

To learn more about how to choose your helmet, check out our blog post.

Riding helmet safety

Accessories are an integral part of a riding helmet and are part of the rider's safety on horseback, whatever their level. All our models are CE marked and SEI certified. They have successfully passed the EN1384-2017 / VG1 01.040 2014-12 standards.

Please pay special attention to your helmet. As our impact tests show, the safety of the helmet may not be optimal if the helmet shell has retracted. And this even without any external sign of a fall. This explains why it is necessary to change your riding helmet after an impact.

We recommend replacing the helmet within 5 years of purchase, even if there has been no impact or damage.

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