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Origin dressage anatomic double bridle
Origine dressage double bridle
Origin dressage anatomic double bridle
Origin dressage anatomic double bridle
Origin dressage anatomic double bridle

Origin dressage anatomic double bridle


The Origin anatomic bridle has been specially developed for the practice of dressage. This double bridle is the version of the Antares “Origin” bridle, developed in a concern of modernity and sportness with our rider partners. Its padded noseband and headpiece offer optimal contact and comfort.

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The Origin anatomic headpiece limits pressure on the horse

The "Origin" headpiece's anatomic cut and light padding avoids the horse's ears and reduces pressure on its cervical vertebrae. 

It also features noseband straps for a sleek and slim fit while easing pressure on the horse's neck.

The "pull back" padded noseband

The wide (3.9 cm) and ergonomic noseband has thick and comfortable padding.

The pull-back system and two lateral protection pads can be accurately adjusted without danger of pinching or injury. The noseband's patent leather and white padding meets aesthetic guidelines for dressage competition.

The browband of the Origin double bridle

The frontal on our lined bridle emphasises the horse's physique while remaining discreet and elegant. Technical sophistication also rhymes with style. 

The bridle attachments fitted with hooks give the whole a sober aesthetic look.

How to correctly adjust your bridle ?

You must properly adjust your horse's bridle for its comfort and well-being. Positioning it right stabilises the bit which makes for a nicer contact in your horse's mouth. This snug fit makes your riding more precise.

Read our article to check if your bridle is properly adjusted. 

Finishes and leather of the Origin dressage anatomic double bridle 

The finishes of the Origin anatomic double bridle

Stainless steel Antarès buckles

Oiled before shipping

Delivered in an Antarès bridle bag

Reins are not included

The Origin anatomic bridle is created from a French leather

Our leather is carefully selected. Indeed, we have made the choice of supply of french leather and the most ecological possible. Moreover, the thickness, but also the density and the appearance of our leathers are particularly checked. 

A specific vegetable tanning based on chestnut has been specially developed for bridlework. This technique aims to ensure our leathers excellent stability and longevity. It also improves its resistance

The leather used is entirely from the food industry and recycled into an exceptional product.

<h2>Finishes and leather of the Origin dressage anatomic double bridle </h2>

How to maintain your Origin dressage anatomic double bridle ? 

Glycerin soap

To maintain the strength and suppleness of the leather, clean your bridle after each use.

Apply the soap with a damp sponge.

Leather conditioner 

Hydrate your bridle with the conditioner 1 to 2 times a month. For this, use a clean cloth or sponge.

Leather oil

Soften your leathers with leather oil 1 to 2 times a year. Apply the product with a brush.

<h2>How to maintain your Origin dressage anatomic double bridle ? </h2>

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