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We've teamed up with H2O, a French company that has been making umbrellas since 1994, to offer you the ultimate umbrella, combining simplicity and quality for riders and non-riders. It'll stylishly fend off all kinds of weather at the stables, in the arena or about town.

The umbrella also comes with a lifetime guarantee.

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Details and Finishes

Umbrella description

This 'half golf' umbrella is ideal for braving elements in autumn and/or winter. This top-of-the-range umbrella also has a 110 cm diameter canopy, big enough to shelter two people. 

Its timelessly simple elegant style pairs perfectly whether you're dressed for the stables or the city.

The waterproof cotton canvas has been specially selected to stand up to the elements. It may look slightly wrinkled. We recommend using a steamer for a smoother look. Its sturdy design with a wooden shaft plus eight tempered steel ribs means the umbrella is tough enough to cope with anything the weather throws a you. 
This umbrella will keep you dry every time, from a drizzle to the heaviest shower.

The Antarès name and logo are embroidered into the umbrella and lined to ensure there are zero leaks. 
Its maple wood handle is both comfortable to hold and grip, while its automatic opening system makes it hugely practical.

This top-of-the-range umbrella is easy to carry in a leather sleeve with a polyester handle making it easier to carry. The sleeve also protects it from dust and UV rays when you're not using it. The leather wrist strap on the handle anchors the umbrella firmly in your hand.
We use also leather offcuts from our tailormade saddles. For more details about all our efforts to recycle our leather, read our blog post.

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The umbrella also comes with a lifetime guarantee


The waterproof cotton canvas has been rigorously selected for its ability to withstand the elements. This is why it may look slightly wrinkled. We recommend using a steamer for a smoother look.

Teamwork and unity between H20 and Antarès Sellier

Excellence, handcrafting skills and French-made products are the reasons why we decided to reach out to H20. Together, we can offer you a truly outstanding, tailormade Antarès Sellier umbrella resulting from a meeting of two worlds, both driven by the search for excellence and style.

H2O Parapluies, has been making umbrellas in Normandy, France 

Since 1994. The company makes high quality umbrellas and parasols thanks time-honoured skills and expertise handed down from generation to generation. Their elegant style and outstanding quality makes H2O the gold standard for all those who appreciate a fine umbrella.

Umbrella Details


Size: Intermediate
Length: 110cm
Weight: 650 grams
100% cotton fabric made in France
Straight maple handle
Double stabilizer for embroidery
Sold with its leather cover


It is available in navy blue with a brand embroidery of the name "Antarès" on the outside. It also has embroidery of the company name opposite the label.
Beautiful finish of a leather handle
Equipped with an “Antarès saddle nail” pattern pressure button.

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