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Antares jumping saddle pad

Antares jumping saddle pad


This anatomic jumping saddle pad leaves the withers free so that the horse is happy and comfortable. Its honeycomb interior absorbs sweat efficiently and effectively.

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Product available with different options

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Description of the jumping saddle pad

The Antarès jumping saddle pad is specially shaped for mixed-use or jumping saddles. Its anatomic design leaves plenty of room for the withers, giving your horse great comfort. It also reduces rubbing and expertly soaks up any shocks between the horse's back and the saddle. The saddle pad has a honeycomb cotton cloth lining to better absorb sweat. It also has an embroidered Antarès horse's head logo on both sides. The saddle pad has two slots for nylon straps to secure the pad firmly under the saddle.

The saddle pad goes perfectly with our ear net and our half pads.

It also comes in a dressage version.

How to maintain your saddle pad ?

Care advice

Brush the inside of your saddle pad with a dandy brush of straw to remove excess hair and grains of sand before machine washing it.

Machine wash your saddle pad at 30 degrees maximum. Don't tumble dry or iron after washing, instead just hang it out to dry.

<h2>How to maintain your saddle pad ?</h2>

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