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Range helmets triangle


Create a helmet that reflects your personal style with our interchangeable helmet triangles. They are available in a variety of colors and different finishes, but they can also be customized. They complement all styles to create a unique helmet that suits your taste.

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Helmet triangle description

Unleash your imagination to create the helmet of your dreams. The helmet triangle allows you to personalize all helmets from our collections. They are easily interchangeable. Choose the color that suits you to change your style or match it with your equipment.

Our blog post about customizing Antarès helmets will help you personalize your own.

Our equestrian helmets are handcrafted in our workshop in Saintes. Discover more about their composition in our blog post.

Triangle customization

To stand out on competition grounds or in your stable, create a helmet triangle that reflects your individuality. Want to have your initials or the flag of a country? It's possible! For special customizations, you can place your order directly with our customer service via email: or by phone: 05 46 93 69 73.

Riding helmet safety

Accessories are an integral part of a riding helmet and are part of the rider's safety on horseback, whatever their level. All our models are CE marked and SEI certified. They have successfully passed the EN1384-2017 / VG1 01.040 2014-12 standards.

Please pay special attention to your helmet. As our impact tests show, the safety of the helmet may not be optimal if the helmet shell has retracted. And this even without any external sign of a fall. This explains why it is necessary to change your riding helmet after an impact.

We recommend replacing the helmet within 5 years of purchase, even if there has been no impact or damage.

<h2>Riding helmet safety</h2>

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